Spanish AF Casa C212 Avio

FSX Spanish AF Casa C212 Aviocar 801 Grey. Textures for Casa C-212 Aviocar. 801 Sqdn. SAR service, based in Son San Juan AB, Palma de Mallorca. NATO grey livery. You need the model by V. Zhyhulskiy (CORREOS_C212-200.ZIP). By Antonio Diaz.

Slovakian Aero L-29 Delfi

FSX Slovakian Aero L-29 Delfin. This L-29 are operated by private owners from Slovakia. registration OM-SLK, OM-JLP. For the L29 by Tim Conrad (L-29_DFN.ZIP). By Pavol Augustin.

Updated UncleSalty DPRK T

FSX Updated UncleSalty DPRK Textures, for use with MIG-29TPTEX.ZIP. Updated DPRK textures for UncleSalty's Tacpack Iris MiG-29 now in the current bold green and blue scheme. By S. Peterson.

Update For The Alphasim C

FSX Update For The Alphasim CF-100 Canuck. The Avro Canada CF100 Canuck (affectionately known as the "Clunk") was a Canadian jet interceptor/fighter serving during the Cold War both in NATO bases in Europe and as part of NORAD. The CF-100 was the only Canadian-designed fighter to enter mass production. For its day, the CF-100 featured a short takeoff run and high climb rate, making it well suited to its role as an interceptor. This package is an FSX update of the Alphasim FS2004 version and features FSX compatible gauges for the VC and 2D panel as well as an entirely modified and enhanced VC. It includes five additional beautiful repaints. In addition, smoke effect and thumbnails have also been added to the aircraft. Original model by Alphasim, repaints by Ed Desroches, FSX update, VC modification and smoke effect by Michael Pook.

F-4 Phantom MP Update