Upgrade For Junkers Ju-88

FSX Upgrade For Junkers Ju-88R Night Fighter. This pretty warbird was made for CFS2 by K. Malinowski and J. McDaniel. An upgrade with certain modifications, like animated stick and rudder pedals for the VC, was made by "Shessi" from Sim-Outhouse. The reconfiguration of the panel with FSX-compatible gauges, the FSX camera views and the weapon effect configuration was made by Erwin Welker.

Junkers Ju-90 With Update

FSX Junkers Ju-90 With Updated Panels. Deutsche Lufthansa put a request for a long-distance commercial aircraft as early as 1933. When the Ju 89 program was abandoned, the third prototype was partially completed and at the request of Lufthansa, it was rebuilt as an airliner, retaining the wings and tail of the original design but incorporating a new, wider passenger-carrying fuselage. The new design was designated the Ju 90. The package features four civil and one military models and both a completely re-worked and enhanced VC with as many German gauges as possible and a 2D panel matching the VC. Original model by Hauke Keitel, Rolf Uwe Hochmuth and Claudio Mussner, earliar FSX update by A.F. Scrub. New VC and 2D panel configuration by Michael Pook.

Update For The Junkers K-

FSX Update For The Junkers K-47. The Junkers K47, designed by Dipl-Ing Karl Plauth and Hermann Pohlmann, was intended primarily as a two-seat fighter monoplane, but following the standard Junkers practice of the period, an ostensibly civil counterpart was evolved in parallel as the A48. Work on the K 47 was begun in 1927, and in order to overcome the restrictions imposed on the development of combat aircraft in Germany appertaining at that time, the prototype was assembled in Sweden by the Junkers subsidiary, A.B Flygindustri at Limhamn-Malmo. The package features a new VC design and a photorealistic 2D panel added, both with FSX compatible German gauges. Original model by Classic Wings (Craig Richardson), new VC and 2D panel by Michael Pook.

Texture Fix For O. Fisher

FSX Texture Fix For O. Fisher Ju-52/3M Windscreen. DDS texture to fix a transparency problem when in the VC of O. Fisher's Junkers Ju-52/3M when using FSX Acceleration. Requires JUNKR522.ZIP. Textures only by Antonio Antunes.

Ju Air Junkers 52 Rimowa

FSX Ju Air Junkers 52 Rimowa. Textures for the Junkers-52 by Oliver Fischer. Two Ju 52s, civil registrations HB-HOY and HB-HOT, owned by Ju Air and sponsored by Rimowa. HB-HOY is a Spanish built Casa 352L manufactured in 1949 and restored as a JU 52 3mg4. HB-HOT, a JU52 3mg4e, is a former Swiss Air Force aircraft and was built in 1939. In 2012 it completed an Atlantic crossing and a North American tour before flying back to Germany. Repaint by Peter Lorimer.

Junkers Ju-52s

FSX Junkers Ju-52s. Six different, multi-LOD models, representing aircraft currently flying in Europe. AFCADs and traffic files for ACG Duxford (UK) and the default Dubendorf (Switzerland) included. Paint kit also supplied. By John Young ACG/MAIW.