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HeliJet Bell 206 TI-BDB

FSX HeliJet Bell 206 TI-BDB. Textures for Dodosim Bell 206 registration TI-BDB from HeliJet Costa Rica. By Luis Jimenez Trejos.


FSX MD500D TI-TNT. Textures for the Nemeth Designs MD500D, registration TI-TNT, from Baldi Hotel in San Carlos, Costa Rica. Model by Nemeth Designs. By Luis Jimenez Trejos.

USMC MH53J Pavelow III

FSX USMC MH53J Pavelow III. Four repaints of the Virtavia MH53J Pavelow III in United States Marine Corps liveries. Although the US Marines do not fly the MH53J they do fly the CH53E which is very similar to this aircraft. By David Robles.
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