EPSU Suwalki Aerodrome Sc

FSX EPSU Suwalki Aerodrome Scenery. Suwalki (EPSU) is located in the north-eastern corner of Poland, which is called "Polish North Pole" because of the lowest year-temperatures. The aerodrome is great for some GA, ultralights or gliders. The scenery was compiled with the FSX Acceleration SDK and contains phototexture, seasonal variations, specular textures, 3D apron and many detailed small objects. The landclass area has been hand drawn point by point to help with precise VFR flying. By Lukasz Kubacki (SimHangar).

Scenery--Nordholz ETNM An

FSX Scenery--Nordholz ETNM And Spieka EDXN. ETNM Nordholz Nacvy Airfild in Germany. Nordholz is also a civil airport (EDMN). ETMN the base of the Marine Air Wing 3 Graf Zeppelin. In the neighborhood you find the the airfield EDXN "Spieka" for glider and smal airplanes. Both airports are enhanced with default objects and objects with freeware life. By Michael Spenglerm.

Scenery--Kakuda Glider Fi

FSX Scenery--Kakuda Glider Field, Miyagi, Japan. By Shigeru Tomino - Lets Fly.

Scenery-- Kirigamine Glid

FSX Scenery-- Kirigamine Glider Field, Nagano, Japan. By Shigeru Tomino - Lets Fly.

Scenery--Newquay 3D

FSX Scenery--Newquay 3D. This is highly detailed add-on scenery for Newquay Airport in Cornwall, UK, ICAO: EGDG. This scenery features the old RAF part of the airfield with custom built hangars and the extra runways which are no longer in use. There is also the fairly new terminal building also custom built in Google Sketchup along with the fly-nqy flying school various other hangars and sheds. The car park is scattered with 3D cars and the airfield is scattered with custom built people, some animated and some not. The fire station is custom built along with the dummy plane used for practising on. You may also notice an animated glider above the RAF part of the airfield flying around and lots of 3D grass, again some animated and some static. By Harry Patten.

Scenery--Harris Hill Glid

FSX Scenery--Harris Hill Gliderport (4NY8), Elmira, New York (NY). Here is an improved version of the stock Harris Hill Gliderport. It was a single runway in FSX with no buildings at all. The second parallel runway was added, along with several buildings, static gliders, planes, vehicles, and other objects. By Jim Cook.