Avia 57 Float Plane

FSX Avia 57 Float Plane v1.03. The Avia 57 float plane for FSX as portover; update fixes all known issues. This is the last in the series of Avia aircraft we have done. They are the Avia 51, 156, 56, and 57, all original Czech designs by Robert Nebesar. Package includes one aircraft (passenger / cargo) with custom flight model and features era panels and gauges, easy-to-read clickable virtual cockpits, elegant cabin interiors, and beautifully crafted thematic exterior textures. Authentic radial custom sounds included with thematic variants. Special thanks to Bill Ortis for use of the pilot figures. By Milton Shupe, Nigel Richards, John Smith, and James Banks with help from SOH members. Our gratitude goes out to several very helpful and interested Czech Republic aircraft enthusiasts who were instrumental in discovering rare information that was key to the design quality. (Previous version had 960 downloads)

Bell 47 On Floats

FSX Bell 47 On Floats. Original Gmax Bell 47 by M. Jean-Marie Mermaz. Updated to work with FSX by Danny Garnier.

Bell 206 ZK-TWK On Floats

FSX Bell 206 ZK-TWK On Floats. A repaint for the payware DodoSim Bell 206 floats model. This color scheme was released around 1972 by the Bell Helicopter Company in a promotional brochure showing it flying over New York City. Late in 1973 the author built and flew a 5 foot rotor span radio controlled model in these colors and successfully flew it for several years. It was featured on television and local newspapers during that time. By Warren King.

Scenery--LakeSide Dirt St

FSX Scenery--LakeSide Dirt Strip. This is a fictitious airbase located in central Texas with easy access to several major airports. (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston to name a few). With no actual runways this scenery is designed for float planes and has a ramp to accommodate amphibious aircraft. However, both dirt roads by the ramp area have been used for landing when no one was watching. By Bob Smith.

Scenery--California Coast

FSX Scenery--California Coastal (CA). This scenery covers the California coastal region from N36° 10' (Coalinga) to N34° 25' (Santa Barbara) and from the coast east to W119° 40'. It is a version of the previously created California Central Coast scenery redesigned and expanded to work with FSX MegaScenery Earth. Airstrips in the area covered by this scenery have been added for a total of 27 airports/airstrips. Also added are six water runways for AI float plane traffic. Several other areas of interest such as the Santa Barbara marina, Morro Bay, etc. are included for a total of 41 points of interest. All airports, airstrips and related structures have been adjusted and realigned to conform to actual positions and dimensions as indicated by the MegaScenery satellite textures. Megascenery Earth California-13, -14 and -15 are required and -12, -28 and -29 are recommended. By Al Wheeler. (See also CCFSXMSFIX.ZIP)

California Central Coast