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Carenado C185 FDE Pack

FSX Carenado C185 FDE Pack (2010). These Flight Dynamics Engines for all Carenado Cessna 185 versions have been made with the great support of four 185 pilots, so they are pretty close to 185s concerning performance and handling. By Bernt Stolle.

Vieques Air Link Cessna 4

FSX Vieques Air Link Cessna 402. For your enjoyment here is the Flysimware Cessna 402 Businessliner in Vieques Air Link new colors. Textures only. By Roberto Rotol Ayala.

Scenery--Western Kansas A

FSX Scenery--Western Kansas Airfields Part 5. Included are Smith Center (K82), Mankato (KTKO), Jabara Wichita (KAAO), Medicine Lodge (K51), Winfield/Strother (KWLD), Wellington (KEGT), Argonia (2K8), Caldwell (01K), Anthony (KANY), Kingman Cessna Field (9K8), Kiowa (6KS6), Harper (8K2), Deweze (5KS3), Park (SN71), Norwich (49K), Wilcox (7K6), Dick (2KS4), Cheney/Mono (0KS7). By Steve Ziegler.

Citation X "Wounded Warri

FSX Citation X "Wounded Warrior". Livery for the payware Eaglesoft Developement Group Cessna Citation X 2.0. This is a fictional livery, as the original paint scheme was done for the Cessna Citation Mustang. By Johnny Rosario.

XOJET Cessna Citation X

FSX XOJET Cessna Citation X. Real world XOJET livery for use with Eaglesoft Citation X 2.0. By Johnny Rosario.
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