Features For Pilotable De

FSX Features For Pilotable Destroyers Of The County Class. FSX features for pilotable British Navy destroyers of the County class (COUNTY_CLASS_DESTROYERS.ZIP required). These ships from Mike Hudson are generally used as a static scenery or as AI ships. This add-on provides a pilotable HMS Devonshire or HMS Antrim with photorealistic bridge, sounds and special effects. Ten camera views let you explore the ship: Stand at the Seaslug or at the Seacat launcher or at the 20mm Oerlikon. Look at the Westland Wessex helicopter on the heli deck, have the view of the helicopter pilot, rotate the remote fire control or the turret, fire guns or missiles. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker.

Features For A Pilotable

FSX Features For A Pilotable USSR Carrier Kiev. A download of the AI versions from Harri Thaha and Hadi Tahir is required (HT_KIEV02.ZIP). This add-on provides a pilotable ship with bridge, sounds and special effects like forward firing guns, simulated missile launch and distant explosions. Eight camera views let you explore the ship. The VTOL fighter Yak-38 can be set onto the deck and with a special gimmick you even can rise or lower the vertical take off or landing sequence. From the eyepoint of a gunner you can rotate the front or rear 7.5 cm twin gun. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker.

Double Pack Allied Cruise

FSX Double Pack Allied Cruisers. Pilotable light cruisers HMS Amphion and HMAS Sydney. These models are very detailed CFS2 allied warships made by Usio no Ibuki in a high quality. They were converted to FSX by Lazarus Starkweather. This add-on provides a pilotable ship in two versions, both with 2D panel as navigation bridge and four VC cameras. The HMAS Sydney comes with camo textures and a straight catapult, the HMS Amphion comes with ready to launch swiveled catapult and crane. With these special features you can set Swordfish floatplanes onto the catapults or you can even swivel a torpedo launcher. Sixteen other cameras allow you to explore the ship plus three external camera views. Included are artillery, torpedo and general ship effects. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker.

Fix For Pilotable Torpedo

FSX Fix For Pilotable Torpedo Boat Destroyer USS Cole (PILOTABLE1919DESTROYER_USS-COLE.ZIP). There was an error in the sim-name of the aircraft.cfg. By Erwin Welker.

Fix For Package 4 Tall Sh

FSX Fix For Package 4 Tall Ships. Repaired fix for PACKAGE4TALLSHIPS.ZIP. The new FDE replaces the previous fix, which did not run on some systems. Just cut, paste and overwrite this files into the folder "Sh_Tallships Gorch Fock-class". By Erwin Welker.

Pilotable Admirals Cup Ca

FSX Pilotable Admirals Cup Catamaran AC72, with the colors of Fly Emirates. This pretty racing boat under sails is made by Henrik Nielsen and belongs to his addon "130 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic", which brings traffic into harbors and empty sea. The FS boat provides a good manoeuvrability and reaches speeds up to 24 knots. Seven camerara views plus two VC cockpit views let you enjoy the ride. Features for a pilotable version with added views by Erwin Welker.