USS Enterprise NCC-1701

FSX USS Enterprise NCC-1701 alternate reality (2009) v1.1. The new starship NCC-1701 USS Enterprise from J.J. Abrams 2009 movie. Full version. Includes VC, custom gauges, textures and various extra cameras. This add-on was created on FSDesign Studio 3.51. Textures and fsds 3.51 design by RicardoPJr.

Pilotable Armed Military

FSX Pilotable Armed Military Lighter Boats. Four pilotable armed military lighters. Four WWII boats in camo paint schemes, all made by Lazarus Starkweather. All have more or less quadruple AA-guns, some has gun turrets and one has a heli deck. This add-on is a result of L. Starkweather's AI pack FSX_NAVAL_EXPANSION_VIII_KREIGSMARINE_COASTAL_FORCES.ZIP. This ship features ten cameras, sounds and special effects. Panel and configuration by Erwin Welker. (See also ARMEDLIGHTER_FLETTNERHELI.ZIP)

63 AI Ships And AI Ship T

FSX 63 AI Ships And AI Ship Traffic files. Plenty of good designers have created beautiful navy ships and aircraft carriers for FSX, but only a few have created container ships, tankers, off-shore supply ships, tugs, or bulk carriers and put them to sail around the globe in FSX. This package is intended to fill a part of this gap and to bring more life to the mostly empty oceans in FSX by providing AI ships and AI traffic files with a fleet of modern merchant ships travelling through some of the most heavily trafficked sea routes in the world. The pack contains 63 AI ships based on more than 35 different Gmax models. Around one third are equipped with landable helicopter decks. Most ships have simple animations like rotating radar and most have custom light, smoke and wake effects. The pack also contains traffic files for the east coast of South America and the coasts of North West Europe. In South America ships visit Belem, Sao Louis, Natal, Recife, Salvador, Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Florianopolis, Pelotas, Porto Alegre, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn. In Europe ships visit Gibraltar, Algeciras, Lissabon, Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Saint Nazaire, Brest, Le Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Thamesport, Felixstowe, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Esbjerg, Oslo, Aarhus, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg. For map of coverage, routes and ship details see the PDF manual. By Henrik Nielsen. (See also PATCH_FOR_63_AI_SHIPS.ZIP)

AI Ships And AI Traffic U

FSX AI Ships And AI Traffic US West Coast. This file includes four new ships to supplement the ships available in the package "63 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic for Europe and South America" (AI_SHIPS_AND_AI_SHIP_TRAFFIC_2013_V1.ZIP). It also includes traffic files for the West Coast of the United States mainly from San Francisco and Oakland to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Tacoma, Seattle, and the Canadian cities of Victoria and Vancouver. A few routes go further South to Long Beach and San Diego. The traffic files utilizes the new ships available in this update as well as the ships available in "63 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic for Europe and South America". The new ships are two small bulk carriers "Sardius" and "Andre W" and two large geared bulk carriers "Senorita" and "Carmencita" all done in Gmax. All ships have navigation lights, simple animations like rotating radars, and custom wake and smoke effects. By Henrik Nielsen.

Pilotable Arleigh Burke C

FSX Pilotable Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyer. FSX features for a pilotable Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyer. A download of the AI versions from Lazarus Starkweather is required (FSX_AI_DDG-51_FLIGHT_1.ZIP). This add-on provides a pilotable ship with bridge, sounds and special effects like forward firing guns, simulated missile lauches and distant explosions. Seven camera views let you explore the ship: standing at the flybridge, at the bow or at the stern. Here you can place a Sealynx helicopter onto the flight deck. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker.

Features For Pilotable WW

FSX Features For Pilotable WWII Armed Merchant Cruiser. FSX features for the pilotable Japanese WWII Armed Merchant Cruiser Asaka Maru. The ship is a detailed CFS2 AI ship from Usio No Ibuki. To get the FSX-converted version you have to download the scenery TRUK_ATOLL_1945.ZIP from Tom Stovall and friends. This add-on provides a pilotable ship with bridge, sounds and special effects. Nine camera views let you explore the ship. You can insert rotatable guns and you can set a Nakajima Dave floatplane onto the catapult. A "flight", approaching the Japanese Fleet at the Truk Atoll with your vessel is included. Panel and configuration by Erwin Welker.