Singapore Airlines Airbus

FSX Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-343E, registration 9V-STA, 9V-STB and 9V-STC for Commercial Level Simulations Airbus A330. Textures only and thus requires the payware CLS A330-300RR model. Special thanks goes to Vincent Hof for generously allowing modifications of his original SIA paint. By Hui Yang Tan.

Royal Jordanian Airbus A3

FSX Royal Jordanian Airbus A330-200 GE in One World livery. Textures only; requires TOMA332B.ZIP.

Genf Airlines Airbus A330

FSX Genf Airlines Airbus A330-200. A repaint of the payware Wilco/feelThere Airbus A330-200 of the virtual Airline Genf Airlines. By Thomas Marmet, Johannes Deppert.

FlyInternational Airbus A

FSX FlyInternational Airbus A330-300. This is a repaint for the Thomas Ruth A330-300 (TOMA333B-1.ZIP) in the colors of FlyInternational. HD textures only. Repaint by Philipp Dorn.

Brussels Airlines Airbus