FlyInternational VA Airbu

FSX FlyInternational VA Airbus A320-200. This is a paint for the Project Airbus A320-200 in the colors of FlyInternationalVA. HD textures. By Lukas Wochner.

Mexicana Airbus A320-200

FSX Mexicana Airbus A320-200. Project Airbus repaint of Mexicana's Airbus A320-231 F-OHMI in the old "Azteca" colors livery, one of the earliest and most classical liveries Mexicana ever had. It comes with two liveries; one used between 2000-2003, and one used in 2003-2005. This aircraft, tail number F-OHMI, as any other Mexicana airplane in this livery, had a badge naming one of the destinations of the airline; this one is "Bogota", a rather popular destination of Mexicana. Comes with a fully functional VC, several external and wing views, and a realistic, high-quality sound pack. The texture files were accuratelly repainted from real-life photos, and saved in 32 bit format. Repaint and file compilation by Luke Powell.

Air France Airbus A320-20

FSX Air France Airbus A320-200 in 75th Anniversary livery. To celebrate the anniversary, the French company has repainted this A320-200 to the livery of 1946. Repaints for the payware Airbus A320 CFM model from Aerosoft. By Martial Feron.

Air France Airbus A320